Trove West come to retail with a bent towards Philanthropy and making a difference in as many as they can.  Being a woman owned company we focus on the empowerment of women.  We also are committed to supporting local artisans throughout Montana.

We represent over 30 local artisans and stock their wares while constantly keeping our eyes open for new talent that we can help launch.  

We also stock as many lines that give back as we can.  Feed bags, Raven & Lily jewelry, Recovery Made jewelry, Esperos back packs & bags, T & B Cashmere from Nepal, Grace & Lace clothing to name a few.  

Additionally Trove West supports two girls in school in Africa.  Jonaice, pictured with Kate, in the Orkeeswa school in Tanzania and another at the Kisumu school in Kenya.  Through these contacts we support the mama's of these children by purchasing their beadwork and selling it in the store and our sister stores. Here is what Jonaice has to say about starting 12th grade this fall:

I feel very wonderful to be in 12th Grade and I feel very very very excited to be here because I am about to finish my secondary school education and move on to another level of education! In my family, I am the first person to reach this far in my education. My father has six wives, and out of all of their children, I am the only daughter to make it here. So they are all very happy to see me be where I am today, and I hope to make them very proud. When I graduate, I plan to volunteer at a school in the community so I can learn more about how to be a good teacher and what kinds of problems students face. Then, I want to go to University so I can learn even more.